Signature Nail Systems

Magic Nails now uses the Signature Nail Systems product and techniques for applying nails.

Signature Nail Systems are odour-free, strong and flexible, NATURAL feeling nails that are healthy for nail beds and cuticles, preventing damage to the nail underneath.

Signature Nail Systems contain natural ingredients rich in Calcium and Vitamin E, are resistant to chipping and cracking and are so comfortable you won’t even feel like you’re wearing false nails!

I like them a lot. The odors were limited and they definitely were odor-free when I left the salon. They don’t require you to use a dryer of any sort; you sit them in front of a fan for two minutes and they’re completely dry! They have not faded or chipped in the corners. They are still as shinny as they were on day one…
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signature nail systems

Nail Services

Magic Nails also offers the following products and techniques for nails:

  • Acrylic Nails
  • Gel Nails
  • Shellac
  • Gel Colour
  • OPI
  • Creative
  • Airbrush and Nail Art
  • Pedicure and Manicure
Full Set
From $60
Full set of SNS nails
From $55
Full set Ombre
From $75
Full Set - clear tips
Full set of acrylics - clear tips with colour
Full Set - French
Full set of acrylics - white tips
Refills - Acrylic
From $50
Refill - White powder (permanent)
From $60
From $65
Full set acrylic toes
Toes - Refills
From $50
Refill acrylic toes
From $5
Shellac on nails/toes
From $30
French shellac
From $40
Nail Art Hand Design
From $15
3D Nail Art
From $50
Basic nails/toes care
shape + buff + polish
Deluxe manicure
shape + buff + cuticle cut + hand massage + polish
Deluxe spa pedicure
Deluxe manicure and pedicure
Soak off, shape and strengthen
Manicure or pedicure with French polish
ex $5
Manicure or pedicure with shellac
ex $15

* our products do NOT contain MMA


Please note:

We are not responsible for the following: cracking, breaking, lifting or infected nails.

Refill over the recommended 2-3 weeks may incur additional charges.


No refunds.

signature nail systems